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The Perfect Love Poem

for Debra

Playing on this winter white paper
with a new poem going nowhere,
I look up from my desk
and find you in the doorway
staring at me with a smile.

My study is too small
to hold this study of you,
too cold to capture your warmth
on this quiet day of December
when the white sky falls

gently down around us,
sings its whispering song,
lifts me up out of my chair
and fills my eyes, my arms
with you, the perfect poem.

©2009 Charles Ghigna


Linda said...

Oh, what a lovely poem! I have your collection of love poems, and all I can say is your wife is one lucky lady. Here in Maryland, we're expecting lots of snow this weekend. Your poem reminded me how much I love being snowed in with the love of my life.

Kelly Polark said...

Very sweet!

Anonymous said...

I love your title for these beautiful words. I read this back in December, and was wanting to read it again. If I had googled my description of my memory of the words, I just may have found it. I couldn't remember the title, but I thought of it as: "a love poem. the perfect one."