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Winter in the Park

Last night an ice storm came to town
And dressed the fountain in a gown.

Icicles hung from the trees
Like chandeliers out in the breeze.

Each statue wore a fancy dress,
A frozen garment for each guest.

A night of magic in the dark,
A winter ballroom in the park.

©2009 Charles Ghigna


Greg Pincus said...

Geeeeez, you're good. Wonderful, simple, evocative poem... or should I just say "cool"?

Charles Ghigna said...

Hi Greg! Thanks for your comments.
High praise coming from a poet I admire.

jama said...

Love "a winter ballroom in the park." Thanks for taking me there with your "cool" poem, Charles! *shivering*

JoyceHostetter said...
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