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Five Wild Flowers

Roses After The Rain

Diamonds on the petals,
Silver on the stems,
Early morning sunrise
Turns roses into gems.

Queen Anne's Lace

Above a field of Queen Anne's Lace
Butterflies fan my morning face.
I watch the signs of spring unfold
As sunshine spins the lace to gold.

Mushrooms From Heaven

Along the garden path,
Like parasols from heaven,
Mushrooms magically appear,
This year I counted seven.

Silver, gold, white and tan,
They stand as in a trance,
Providing shade for a parade
Of busy little ants.

Morning Glory

A purple morning glory
Unfurls her sleepy head
As dawn withdraws her shadow
Across the garden bed.


Looks like grapes
And smells like roses,
Springtime's gift
To eyes and noses!

© 2010 Charles Ghigna


Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Wisteria is rampant in my back field. WE love it even though it is invasive. Thank you for all the lovely poetry.

You always say things I wish I had said.

Charles Ghigna said...

Thank you, Joyce!
Appreciate your kind comments.
I'm guessing your wisteria has made its way into some of your novels.