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BUG OFF! - Three Perilous Insect Poems


Like his friend,
The little chigger,
The mighty mite
Is quite a digger.

Mighty small,
Mighty quiet,
The mighty mite
Has quite a diet.

He and chigger,
When they chew,
They both like
To dine on you.


A wicked wasp went whizzing by
One wild windy day.
I waved and watched him wander off
As he went on his way.

I wonder what a wasp would do
If I whizzed by on wings
And wore a weapon on my rear,
A wicked wand that stings!


The Tsetse fly is dangerous.
His diet is quite strangerous.
A little flying cannibal,
He feasts on blood of animal.

© 2010 Charles Ghigna


Greg Pincus said...

These poems do not bug me.
To them I say "I dug thee!"

Great stuff, if a bit perilous....

Jeannine Atkins said...

I enjoyed your perilous insects. And those who might face them.

Charles Ghigna said...

Thank you both!
Great couplet, Greg.
Kind comments, Jeannine.
May all your poems be pest-free!

Mary Lee said...

I am not fond of chiggers when they're chewing me, but they are perfect in your poem!

My class has had fun this week trying your "If I Were" poems! Thanks for a great form!

FireLight said...

Ooooooh eeeeehhhh....have you ever had chiggers? From this poem I would say you had!! Great fun in this trio!

laurasalas said...

Ha! Love these, especially that wicked wasp! Fantastic!

I grew up in Fla., and I remember getting chiggers/bites (?) from playing with moss, and then putting clear nail polish over the red spots. Not sure it did anything, but the nail polish was fun to an 8-year-old:>)