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In Sight

Close your eyes and look inside,
A mirror shines within;
To find where you are going,
First see where you have been.


I'm going on vacation in my mind.
I'm going there to see what I might find.
If I'm not back by half past eight,
Please don't stay. Please don't wait.

Please don't call. Please don't write.
I'm going, going out of sight.
Please don't cry and carry on.
I'm going, going, going -- gone.


Each night we leave this world of ours
And venture out past shooting stars
Into a world beyond our bed--
The universe inside our head.

from A Fury of Motion: Poems for Boys
Boyds Mills Press ©Charles Ghigna


Author Amok said...

I love "In Sight" -- read it a few times and each reading found another layer.

Mary Lee said...

These travels within are some of my favorite trips.