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The Clerihew

What's a Clerihew?

Four short lines about someone,
Famous now or dead and gone.
A pair of couplets for this game,
The first line is your victim’s name.

* * *


Thomas Alva Edison
Invented the bulb with discipline.
Without the Wizard of Menlo Park
We’d all be living in the dark.


Albert Einstein
Had a relatively brilliant mind.
If you should doubt or ever dare to
He could simply mc² you.


The water lilies of Monet
Drift upon a canvas bay.
A master of his profession,
He made a good Impression.


Eliot was under the delusion
That everything's an allusion.
Each line from T.S.
Requires a P.S.

© Charles Ghigna


Amy L V said...

Thank you for the fun, Charles. I loved the word play in your poems here. These would make a great history book, a time line of clerihew!

Here’s a blog by Father Goose.
A poem each week, he ties his noose.
"Publish or perish!" demands this writer.
Feel the rope pull tight and tighter.

-Amy LV

Charles Ghigna said...

Thanks, Amy! I'm honored! ;-)

Toby Speed said...

The clerihew is new to me. Love these, Charles, and I spent some time writing one about yet another celebrity who's writing a children's book (grrr). Then I decided it would not be nice to post it.

Amy - good job, and I like the timeline idea!

Alison Pearce Stevens said...

These are great! Will have to try a clerihew sometime.

Author Amok said...

These are hysterical! I love the one on Monet.

Mary Lee said...

This post has been filed in my "Ideas for Next School Year/Poetry" file on my computer desktop. I'm thinking that next year's Ohio Inventors reports will be multi-modal and a clerihew would be a perfect addition!

laurasalas said...

Oh, these are fabulous! Monet is my favorite.

I love writing in poetic forms, the clerihew always escapes me. I've tried several times. Maybe I'll give them another go...Thanks for sharing these.

P.S. Nice, Amy!

P.P.S. Toby, I know what you mean...but I still want to see your celebrity author clerihew.