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I Rhyme!

On sleds I slide
on swings I glide

on ropes I skip
on ice I slip

on grass I run
on sand I sun

on shore I skim
on sea I swim

on ships I sail
on boats I bail

on leaves I leap
on beds I sleep

on trees I climb
on words I rhyme!

© Charles Ghigna


Mary Lee said...

:-) "On boats I bail." Made me smile!

Looking for the Write Words said...

Charles ~ Fun rhyme. I love Poems are Butterflies too - lovely! ~ Theresa

jama said...

Love the joyful spirit of this poem, and your new blog! :)

Amy L V said...
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Amy L V said...

On bikes I coast
On blogs I post

I'm so glad you do, Charles!
Thank you for another playful poem!


Irene Latham said...

"on sand I sun" -- yes! Thanks for sharing. :)

Charles Ghigna said...

Thanks everyone for YOUR poems and your comments here...a big thanks to Irene for hosting us all this past Friday!