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Riddle Rhymes

Kids love writing Riddle Rhymes!
Here are a few to help get them started:

The Everlasting Light

I shine forever free.
I do not cost a cent.
I need no bulb or battery.
My light is permanent.

You’ll find me way up in the sky,
When each new day’s begun.
But do not look me in the eye--
I am the shining SUN!

* * *

The Invisible Friend

I ride the sky
And touch the ground.
I come and go
Without a sound.

Day or night
I live outside.
You can't see me,
But I don't hide.

I lift up kites.
I blow through trees.
I sail the boats.
I stir the leaves.

I'm not a ghost.
I'm just a friend.
Here I come--
I am the WIND!

* * *

The Polite Pointer

I live high
Out on the farm.
I am found
Up on a barn.

A horse, a ship,
Or silent bird,
I point the way
Without a word.

I point East.
I point West.
I turn and turn
And never rest.

I show the way
In wind and rain.
That's why I'm called

* * *

High Flyer

I fly above the tallest trees.
I'm not a bird or plane.
I have no wings or feathered things.
I do not like the rain.

I play among the passing clouds.
I like to rise and sail.
I am a friend who loves the wind.
I'm big and have a tail.

I like the gusty month of March.
I soar way out of sight.
My shape is like a diamond.
I am a brand-new KITE!

* * *

Your Highness

I am a free and open field
That's never out of bounds,
Where kites and planes and boomerangs
Can do their ups and downs.

I am the biggest yard of all,
Where birds begin their play
Of hide-n-seek among the clouds
At each new break of day.

I am the place called outer space,
Where nothing is too high.
I am the home of all the stars--
I am the endless SKY!

* * *

Undercover Friend

Here I sit
Upon the shelf.
I'm not a toy.
I'm not an elf.

Yet I can take
You far away
To any place,
Night or day.

We'll travel to
Each foreign land,
Yet I will stay
Right in your hand.

My friends and I,
You will see,
Are full of facts
And fantasy.

So pick me up
And take a look.
Now you know--
I am a BOOK!

from RIDDLE RHYMES (Hyperion Books for Children) © Charles Ghigna


Author Amok said...

"Undercover Friend" -- what a great title. Your workshop sounds like fun!

Mary Lee said...

My students LOVE to write riddle poems! Yours will make great mentor texts!

Alison Pearce Stevens said...

These are a lot of fun! I'll have to introduce my kids to the riddle rhymes. I'm sure they will love them. :)

Heidi Mordhorst said...

Hello, Charles--

I adore your swirly orange backdrop! In your experience, with what ages do these work best? These would be just right for first & second grade to read, but now I'm thinking about what riddle rhymes might challenge my 11-year-old...

Thanks for contributing to PF!

Charles Ghigna said...

I appreciate all your comments! It's always fun to read your contributions to Poetry Friday.

Thanks, Heidi. In answer to your good question: I find that kids of all ages enjoy reading and writing RIDDLE RHYMES. I begin my workshops by reading a few of my riddle rhymes and inviting them to raise their hands as soon as they know the answer and to shout it out with me when I get to the last word of the last line. It instantly creates a fun atmosphere and they are eager to try writing some of their own. I've been working with a group of forty 6-12 years olds this week. They each wrote so many wonderful riddle rhymes, it was hard to chose which one they wanted to read at our poetry slam last night. ;-) Their parents, too, had fun trying to guess the riddles before each last line was read.

all things poetry said...

What a great exercise! Good presentation idea!

Laura Evans

Linda said...

I love these, especially "The Polite Pointer." I agree with you, Charles, kids of all ages love riddle poems. I taught a poetry workshop for a mixed group grades 6-8, and they had a ball writing their own riddle poems. I'm going to get a copy of Riddle Rhymes to use next year.

Amy L V said...

These are delightful, Charles. And now you have me wanting to write riddle rhymes too...the voices of your objects are so inviting and such fun!

laurasalas said...

These are terrific, Charles--my favorite is Your Highness!

Toby Speed said...

I, too, like the title Undercover Friend. Thanks for sharing these fun, interactive poems, Charles.