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Shadow Tail

The word “squirrel” comes from
Greek meaning “shadow tail.”

Elusive as a wisp of smoke
bashful as a breeze
Shadow Tail plays hide and seek
among the morning trees

© Charles Ghigna


Mary Lee said...

We have a squirrel in our yard this summer who would be very sad to know the origin of his family name. We call him (affectionately) Bob, because he has only the raw stump where his tail used to be. He literally has a shadow tail, I guess! He's getting along fine, though, and there's a tuft of hair starting to grow around it.

Kerry Aradhya said...

Hi. This is my first Poetry Friday, and yours is the first post I have read. I have seen your work in magazines like Babybug and Turtle Magazine, and I am so happy to know you have a blog where I can read more of your poems. I like your poem for today, and the photo of the squirrel is beautiful. Nice to "meet" you!

Charles Ghigna said...

Thanks, Kerry. Nice to meet a dancing poet!

Mary Lee, I enjoy your sense of humor...a tailless squirrel named Bob. Sounds like the makings of a poem...or a picturebook.

Amy L V said...

I love "elusive as a wisp of smoke!"
We have no squirrels here, just chipmunks!

Shoshana said...

"Bashful" is such an evocative word. I feel like I know the squirrel already... and want to tickle its little chin!

BJ Lee said...

Love that, Charles! Interesting origin of the word squirrel - all the way from Greece!