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Snowfall in the City

Covered in creamy

birthday-cake frosting,

the parked cars

huddle beneath

their streetlamp candles,

waiting for the North Wind

to come make its wish

for morning.

from Cricket Magazine © Charles Ghigna


Lori Faas said...

Thinking about it as "creamy birthday-cake frosting" makes it much nicer when I am brushing a ton of it off of my car! Thank you for the lovely words during my not-so-favorite season.

Toby Speed said...

A delicate and evocative poem, Charles. Thanks for posting it.

Mary Lee said...

Gorgeous photo! I'm not so anxious for the North Wind to get here, but it won't be so bad when I think of it making wishes with the streetlamp candles...

laurasalas said...

I adore this extended metaphor. Thank you!

Charles Ghigna said...

Thank you all! Enjoy the winter wonderland. It's snow wonder this time of year inspires so many poems!

Carlie said...

I love your ending. I love the idea of the North Wind making wishes over the lamps it blows on.

Peggy Does Cake. said...

I love this! Charles, may I use it on my cake website (with full credits to you as author, of course)?

Charles Ghigna said...

Thank you, Carlie, for your kind comment. I appreciate it!

Hi Peggy! WOW! I just visited your delicious website! What a creative artist you are! Yes, you are welcome to use my cake poem.

Amy L V said...

Oh, I just want to go outside and lick the trees! Thank you for this, Charles! A.

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

I liked this! What a fun way to look at snow - especially as I'm off to NY for the SCBWI Winter conference! Thanks for sharing, and thanks as well for being part of the Comment Challenge!

Unknown said...

this is a such a peacful poem