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A Poem is a Metaphor

A poem is a metaphor,
A unique point of view.
Each poem that you write becomes
A metaphor of you.

The poem’s title is your name,
Its rhyme, the way you talk.
Its meter is your heartbeat.
Its rhythm is your walk.

A poem is a metaphor,
A masterpiece creation,
A symbol of your hopes and dreams--
And your imagination!

©Charles Ghigna


Docdon said...

You've still got Mr. G.

Jim Hill said...

Very nice, and a great way to introduce writing poetry to kids. Very engaging!

Reva said...

@ Jim - He does have the gift of encouraging kids to write. In 1972, he encouraged this kid to write and she still enjoys doing so!

Susan Taylor Brown said...

oh I love this line so much!

Each poem that you write becomes
A metaphor of you.

Thank you.

Charles Ghigna said...

Thank you all.
Metaphors be with you. ;-)