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   Country Roads

I like roads that set me free,
winding roads and wild roads
as far as I can see.

    I like roads that weave and trail

    backwoods roads 
    dirt black roads
    where daydreams rise and sail.

I like roads lined with trees

shadow roads 
creekside roads
roads with lots of leaves.

I like roads out in the sun

highway roads
byway roads
roads where rivers run.

I like roads along the shore

country roads 
mountain roads
city roads and more.

    I like roads that span the seasons

    summer roads winter roads
    autumn roads
    and spring.

    I like roads that tell me secrets
    roads that whisper
    roads that sing. 

I like roads that never end,
roads that linger
    roads that bend.

I like roads that let me roam.
I like roads that
    lead me home.

     ©Charles Ghigna


Robyn Hood Black said...

I like all these kinds of roads, too! Perfect ending - sometimes the best road is the one that leads back home. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Lee said...

I especially like the pattern. Did you start out with that in mind, or did it just happen?

Charles Ghigna said...

Thank you Robyn and Mary Lee for your comments! And yes, Mary Lee, all of my poems "just happen." ;-) I'm a big believer in letting the poem idea take me where it wants to go before I begin putting any limits or restrictions on it pattern-wise or otherwise. For me, that's the exciting part of writing each new poem idea, letting it take me where it wants to go, then hanging on for the ride. That's when the magic happens, when the surprises pop up and I discover things I didn't know I knew until I wrote them. It's only later after the poem has written itself that I go back and make a few fine tunings here and there.

rena traxel said...

So true. I love going for drives and eventually going home.

Caren said...

Love the trees~ looks calming and very cool outside