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Even Peter Pan and Skippy
Can Learn to Write Poems in a Jiffy

I ain’t never made no metaphor,
I don’t know what it means;
“Show, don’t tell” they tell me,
Make it more than what it seems.

But peanut butter’s peanut butter
No matter how it’s spread;
It ain’t how thick you smear it on,
It’s how you bake the bread!

©Charles Ghigna


Matt Forrest Esenwine said...

Fun poem, Charles! I especially liked it because of the homemade bread I just baked yesterday afternnon...plus, my favourite PB (Peter Pan) is featured front-and-center. ;)

Charles Ghigna said...

Thanks, Matt. Great minds think (and eat) alike.

Liz Steinglass said...

Very tricky! I think you might have snuck a metaphor in there.

jama said...

Such a fun poem. Glad to see you opted for creamy instead of chunky. My fave brand's not up there, though . . .

Charles Ghigna said...

Thanks, Liz. You caught me sneaking in a metaphor!

Hi Jama, I'm curious to know your favorite brand. Trader Joe's? Teddie? Natural Balance? Reese's? Smucker's!?

Marjorie said...

:-) A neat poem... and I quite agree about the bread!

Tabatha said...

Nicely done, Charles! Maybe Jama's favorite is Nutella? (It's not actually peanut butter, but who's going to argue with Jama?)

laurasalas said...

Love the voice here, Charles--especially:
“Show, don’t tell” they tell me,
Ha! And I love peanut butter, so that doesn't hurt, either!

Charles Ghigna said...

Marjorie, thanks for the "neat" comment!

Tabatha, I totally agree! Jama is the Foodie of the World!

Thanks, Laura, for your very kind comment coming from a very cool poet! So what's YOUR favorite peanut butter. Hey, I know. To off-set all the ridiculous political polls going on right now, wouldn't it be fun to do a poll of Poets' Favorite Peanut Butter. We could ask all our poet blogging friends. I'll ask Jama, too. BTW, mine's Peter Pan. ;-)