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Valentine Poems for Kids

If You Were My Star

If you were my shining star
And I were your midnight,
I’d let you shine above me,
You’d be my only light.

* * *

If You Were My Piano

If you were my grand piano
And I were a sweet love song,
I’d let your keys tickle and tease
My melody all day long.

* * *

If You Were My Book

If you were the pages of my book
And I were reading you,
I’d read as slow as I could go
So I never would get through.

from IF YOU WERE MY VALENTINE by Charles Ghigna

     I created the If You Were poem format in the mid-1970s during my early school visit days to help introduce students and teachers to metaphor.  

     The If You Were poem consists of 4 lines (quatrain) and 2 rhymes (lines 2 & 4).  It contains 2 comparisons (metaphors), one for the “I” of the poem and one for the “you.”

     Instructions:  Think of a person you like.  Compare that person to a thing (inanimate object).  Now compare yourself to a thing associated with the first object.

     For a list of other poem formats, please visit How to Write a Poem


Fats Suela from Gathering Books said...

What a nice poem to start the month of hearts!! I remember this line from a song in the movie, Juno. The song is "All I Want is You" by Barry Louis Polisar:

If I was a flower growing wild and free
All I'd want is you to be my sweet honey bee.
And if I was a tree growing tall and green
All I'd want is you to shade me and be my leaves

Thank you for sharing this poem, Charles!! =)

Bridget Magee said...

Thanks for sharing this form of poetry - perfect for Valentine's. Happy Friday! =)

jama said...

Teddy bears in your valentine! Thank you for these sweet poems :).

Doraine Bennett said...

Ah. Such nice valentine rhymes.

Andromeda Jazmon Sibley said...

I think this form will be very popular with kids. Looks like fun to write and definitely fun to listen to and read! Think I'll go make some Valentines now...

catherinemjohnson said...


Hannah Ruth Wilde said...

This will go straight to my 6th grade English class of 6 boys. I told the boys a week or two ago that if they wanted to get a girl, write poetry! Now they are motivated! This exercise is right in time with our study of metaphor. Thank you! - Hannah

Mary Lee said...

Thanks for reminding me of this form. My students have loved it in the past! Me, too!

Charles Ghigna said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you all. Thanks for your comments!

Author Amok said...

Hi, Charles. I'll have to try the "If I Were You" prompt during one of my elementary school residencies. My favorite of these Valentines is the book poem. So true!

Charles Ghigna said...

Thanks, AA! I'll be curious to see some of the If-You-Were poems you and your students create during your residency with them.

Piter Foxter said...

You have got a great blog.
I like your poems so much:)

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