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First step
and he swallows
the dry, delicious fear
of walking on air.

Body bent back
into a bow,
he falls into the arms 
of the screaming wind,
his heart beating
taps in his ears.

and an angel wing
pulls him from the thunder
of a hundred-
mile-an-hour dream.

He sits perched,
a runaway cloud
of contentment,
a fearless eagle feather
lost in the drift
of an early afternoon.

Knees bent, he pulls 
the taut reins of reality,  
ready-sets himself
for one final, little lift,
one last tiptoe of air 
before his flying feet
must run their 
earthbound way
back home.

1 comment:

catherinemjohnson.com said...

Okay I am totally going to check out this Fury of Motion. That poem has earth wind and fire Charles. Love it!