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Speaking of Flowers

Speaking of Flowers

Iris going to say the other Day
Lily came over and wanted to know
If flowers could talk as well as grow.

It took my Baby's Breath away
To hear her tell us what they say
When flowers whisper low each day.

Laurel was looking hardy and so
We Aster if she thought
The flowers could talk or not.

"Thistle let you know," she said,
"Listen with your heart instead
And you will hear them in your head."

Then yesterday Morning
Glory came over and told us all
The flowers are silent each winter and fall,

But they always take Clover each spring.
"With a hum and buzz and whisper or two,
The flowers," she said, "Are talking to you."  

Then she Rose and said, "Good-bye."
The Weeping Willow made her cry.

©Charles Ghigna


Tabatha said...

Adorable! I am Impatiens for another!

Charles Ghigna said...

Ha! Love it, Tabatha. Thanks so much for hosting. Your blog postings are always so informative, entertaining and inspiring!

Violet N. said...


Violet N.