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On the Way to School

I’ll tell you why I’m tardy
And I hope my excuse will do.
I stopped to view upon a leaf
A spider and some dew.

She spun a web before my eyes
With a soft and silver hue,
And when she looked, I looked at her
And whispered, “Peekaboo!”

I think I may have startled her
And so I waved good-bye,
But when I turned around to go,
I met a butterfly!

I almost caught him in my hand
To bring to class for you,
But when I tried to peek inside,
Away my treasure flew.

And that is how I’m tardy,
But I had to tell you why.
It’s all the fault of a spider’s web
And a sneaky butterfly!

©2009 Charles Ghigna

Father Goose Tree House


jama said...

Lovely, Charles!

Charles Ghigna said...

Thanks, Jama! Glad you enjoyed my back-to-school poem.

Since we posted the Homewood Library's tour of my "tree house" on Facebook, I've been receiving requests from teachers to bring their kids to my house for field trips! Yikees! ;-)

Father Goose “Tree House” Tour

Anonymous said...

Love this. It's too bad schools don't allow for more of this kind of exploration.

Charles Ghigna said...

Thanks, Barbara. I appreciate your kind words. May you and your boys continue to explore your glorious world.

laurasalas said...

Love this, Charles. Funny and kid-friendly, but then there's that beautiful "soft and silver hue," too.