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Autumn's Way
In their yellow-most goings,
leaves of maple
ride breezes to the ground.
You can hear their sound
each autumn afternoon
as the crisp air cuts
through the trees
and hurries us along
the golden sidewalks

Reprinted by permission of Highlights for Children/Boyds Mills Press.
"Autumn’s Way" from A Fury of Motion. Copyright © Charles Ghigna.


Amy L V said...

"yellow-most goings"
This perfectly describes our hill, soon to be in its "white-most goings." I love the sound of that phrase and the gentleness of leaves and breezes guiding us home...

GatheringBooks said...

I have gold in my eyes now with your beautiful description of autumn. Thank you for sharing this.

Irene Latham said...

yay for the "yellow-most"! Although I do confess a preference for those orange-y sugar-maple leaves... not there yet, but maybe by the end of October. Happy day to you!

Robyn Hood Black said...

Love all the senses tickled here, and the sound of "crisp air cuts" - Happy Fall!

jama said...

Lovely poem, Charles -- a perfect capture of the season.

Julie said...

We're having a late summer in Seattle, but I can feel Autumn coming. I'll be thinking of your "yellow-most goings" when the leaves fall this time. Thanks, Charles.

laurasalas said...

Love the breeze hurrying us along

Joyce Ray said...

Father Goose, I love "yellow-most goings." Thanks for preparing us for the golden walks to come!

Linda B said...

Here in Colorado, it's definitely 'yellow-most' with the aspen, but I also love your leaves riding the breeze to the ground.

Mary Lee said...

I LOVE the change of seasons. Thank you for helping me to savor a yellow sidewalk moment!