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Tomorrow’s My Birthday

Tomorrow’s my birthday and I’ll be four
And I won’t have to stay home anymore.
I’ll take down my bank right off my shelf
And I will go out and about by myself.

I’ll buy me a ticket and I’ll take a train
And I’ll go to Texas to ride on the range.
I’ll buy me some boots and a hat, but no toys,
‘Cause I’ll be as big as all the cowboys.

I’ll rope and I’ll ride and I’ll be the best
Of all the cowboys in the world and the West.
And when it gets dark on the cattle drive--
Well, maybe I’ll wait until I am five.

©Charles Ghigna


jama said...


Jim Hill said...

Wonderful and fun. My son just turned four and I can hear him reciting this.

Mary Lee said...

Yee Haw!