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The Christmas Box

I'm writing down on little cards
The things that I can do
To make each day for Mom and Dad
A "Holiday for Two."

"Make your breakfast," "Shine your shoes,"
"Put your clothes away;"
"Dust the house," "Sweep the floors,"
"Give you hugs each day."

"Do the dinner dishes,"
"Dry them till they shine;"
"Wash the car," "Walk the dog,"
"Make your bed -- and mine!"

I'll put the cards into a box
And wrap it with a bow.
Then place it underneath the tree
To let my parents know

That any time they need my help
All they have to do
Is reach into the Christmas box
That tells them "I Love You."


Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Love this, of course!

My children once gave me a bottle labeled Headache Pills. (Inside were dried beans with a note that said whenever I got a headache I could give them one of those bean and they would do a job for me.)

Marjorie said...

Oh YES - let me just read that to my kids ;-)

And what a gorgous present Joyce's children gave her.

Matt Forrest Esenwine said...

Quick - we need to have EVERY kid in the country read that poem! Nice idea, very loving.

Robyn Hood Black said...

This would be a delightful box for any parent to open. (And I love Joyce's dried bean present description, too - how creative and thoughtful!)

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

What a lovely idea! I shall share this with my sixth graders....a gift plan that will surely please their parents.

Mary Lee said...

Perfect poetic advice!

Betsy Hubbard said...

I loved imagining this heart felt child creating this gift. What a sweet poem.

Charles Ghigna said...

Thank you all for your kind comments here about "The Christmas Box." It's most often the simple homemade gifts we cherish and remember, especially those given to us by children.