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Pumpkins On Guard

Pumpkins On Guard

Look at all the pumpkin faces
Lighting up so many places.

On the porch and in the yard,
Pumpkin faces standing guard.

Looking friendly, looking mean,
With a smile or with a scream.

Orange faces burning bright
In the cool October night.

Running Press ©Charles Ghigna


Cathy said...

My class this year is all excited about pumpkins. Our writer's workshop has been filled with stories of pumpkin patches and carvings. My students will love your poem. I don't think I will ever quite look at a pumpkin on a doorstep in quite the same way.


Tricia said...

I so wish my carved pumpkins looked like this! Your poem reminds me of the one thing I do love about my least favorite holiday - all those glowing faces!

Heidi Mordhorst said...

Short, sweet and to the rounded, orange point!

Charles Ghigna said...

Thanks, Cathy, for hosting today. So glad to hear your class is excited about pumpkins! They may like my book OH MY, PUMPKIN PIE!, if you have it in your library. It's all about the different shapes and sizes and kinds of pumpkins. Here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/Pumpkin-Pie-Step-into-Reading/dp/0375829458

Thanks, Tricia, for your "glowing" comment!

Heidi, great "point!" Always enjoy reading your poems.

Joy said...

Great photo to go with your poem"