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Little Valentines

The "If-You-Were" Poem®

The Perfect Poem for Valentine's Day!

Here's a fun verse form that everyone can write!
I created this simple 4-line format many years ago
to help introduce students and teachers to metaphor.
It's exciting to see how quickly it catches on!

Think of a person you like.
Compare that person to some thing (inanimate object).
Now compare yourself to some thing associated with the first object.


If you were a shining star
And I were your midnight,
I’d let you shine above me,
You’d be my only light.

If you were a brand-new kite
And I were a ball of string,
I'd hold on tight with all my might
So we could fly all spring!

If you were a grand piano
And I were a sweet love song,
I’d let your keys tickle and tease
My melody all day long.

If you were the pages of my book
And I were reading you,
I’d read as slow as I could go
So I never would get through.

Here's one that rearranges the "You" and "I"

If I were a lonely lighthouse
And you were a ship at sea,
I'd shine my light all through the night
Till you returned to me.

Now you try it!

©2010 Charles Ghigna

1 comment:

Mary Lee said...

Fun, fun! Can't wait to try this with my 4th graders!