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(A Work-in-Progress)

The Chew-Wa-Wa

And Other Colorful Creatures

A collection of zany, quirky, kooky,
silly, off-beat, wacky, wild animals

Poems by Charles Ghigna
Illustrations by _________

~ Contents ~

Sally Mander
Anna Conda
Barry Cuda
Allie Gator
Katy Did
Tory Ranchula
Carrie Boo
Dolly Fin
Kay Million
Chip Monk
Kat R. Pillow
Pellie Can
Taz Manian
Pokey Pine
Armor Dilla
Chew Wa Wa
Lyin’ Ness
Fair It
Rain Dear
Two Can
Pecan Knees
Cheat A
Mall Tease
Dock Sun
Why Me Ramer
Chin Chilly
Rack Coon


Lyin’ Ness

She lies
in the savanna sun
for fun

her main
is taking a vacation

her lyin’ days
never cease

she thinks she is
the queen of beasts


Carrie Boo

(Illustration of a cute female Caribou
kicking up her heels as our playful little bear cub guide
sneaks up behind her and says BOO!)

and lanky
she never
gets cranky

but when you’re
behind her
whatever you do
don’t BOO!


Pokey Pine

(Illustration of a smart-looking porcupine
wearing spectacles and reading a book
and totally unaware of our little bear cub
touching one of the Pokey Pine’s sharp quills
and yelling OUCH!)

Clever little creature
sharp of mind

...and behind



A funny little
nut brown

with eyes
so very round
and red

and all
she ever
wants to do

is chew
and chew...
and love on you

©2010 Charles Ghigna


Anonymous said...

Oh, goodness, WHAT fun!! Thank you...

mad said...

I LOVE pokey pine!

John Mutford said...

Now I'm so curious to read the rest of the animals!

Greg Pincus said...

Those are great, and I love the full list. Sign me up as a buyer when the book is out!

Charles Ghigna said...

Thanks to you all...
for keepin' an old Goose honkin'!