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When owls hide in the treetops,
When fields are stubble and bare,
When geese fly high in the cool, clear sky
And the days are sunny and fair,

When pumpkins appear on the porches
And shadows chase after the day,
When runaway leaves dance in the breeze--
Autumn is on the way.

© Charles Ghigna


laurasalas said...

This is so lovely. I was just admiring "Leaf stubble" in a poem at my blog by Julie Larios. Fun to see your second line here, too.

These are all images of my favorite season that I love. Thanks, Charles!

Amy L V said...

"And shadows chase after the day..."
Lovely! Here too!

Author Amok said...

Hi, Charles. Beautiful poem -- I love this time of year. My favorite phrase is "the runaway leaves." It feels like those leaves have somewhere better to be.

Unknown said...

Charles, you inspired me to write this:

Autumn’s Red Dress

I caught a shapely maple changing her gown today,
And felt a tug of guilt for not politely turning away.
So in silence I began to pray,
Asking forgiveness for gawking so.
But as I lingered ever longer there,
In the stillness God answered my prayer.

“My son,” said he, “such beauty I made to share,
And I would not will that you should go.
Marvel now and remember still when your hair
Turns as white as the coming snow.”

© Larry Garland