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On The Way To School

I’ll tell you why I’m tardy
and I hope my excuse will do
I stopped to view upon a leaf
a spider and some dew

She spun a web before my eyes
with a soft and silver hue
and when she looked I looked at her
and whispered “Peekaboo!”

I think I may have startled her
and so I waved good-bye
but when I turned around to go
I met a butterfly

I almost caught him in my hand
to bring to class for you
but when I tried to peek inside
away my treasure flew

and that is how I’m tardy
but I had to tell you why--
It’s all the fault of a spider’s web
and a sneaky butterfly!

© Charles Ghigna


Jennie said...

Thank you for sharing! One of my favorite profs in college said it was ok if we missed class as long as we dropped him a note to let him know we were ok. "You know, nothing fancy, just something along the lines of 'well, I was on my way to class when my eye caught my roommate's fishtank and I decided on another way to grow this morning.'" I once emailed him to tell him I wasn't coming to class because the weather was so nice for the first time after a long winter and I just wanted to sit outside and watch the sticky leaves unfurl. I don't think he would have minded either way, but I was quoting the reading assignment so...

Charles Ghigna said...

Thanks, Jennie! Your story reminds me of the quote: "It is a poor student who does not surpass her master." You did! :-) Thanks again for all you do.

Mary Lee said...

What lovely reasons for tardiness!

laurasalas said...

Fun! Now the principal wouldn't be too accepting of those excuses, but I like them:>)