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Autumn Weaves

From my window
autumn winds blow
raining color
past my door

artist autumn
strolls the forest
leaving leaves
upon the floor

autumn weaves
autumn leaves
red and gold
upon the pane

autumn weaves
autumn leaves
in the rain

©Charles Ghigna


Amy L V said...

Beautiful! Simple...clear...just lovely. Tapestries of leaves indeed! I will think of this all season, Charles. A.

Toby Speed said...

Beautiful poem, Charles. I've been admiring the autumn weaves, too.

Charles Ghigna said...

Thanks Toby and Amy! Artist autumn wasn't finished weaving. The poem has grown from eight to sixteen lines since you dropped by. :-)

Toby Speed said...

Even better now, with the further repetition! It's a lullaby to autumn. I can imagine someone singing it.

Joyce Ray said...

The photo is gorgeous and the poem spare while evoking an image of many woven threads. I need to learn to write spare!

Author Amok said...

Beautiful poem, Charles. I love the woven nature of the lines.

Charles Ghigna said...

Thank you, Laura and Joyce.
I appreciate your insightful comments!