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Sweet November

time stands still,

echoes from

a whippoorwill;

winter sky,

silver blue,

maple leaves,

a golden hue;

a hint of snow

fills the air,

a whispered sigh,

“Is someone there?”

A stranger waves

upon the hill.

November from

my windowsill.

©Charles Ghigna


laurasalas said...

This is lovely, Charles. I like the image of November standing still. Right now, it definitely feels that way here in Minnesota. It's bare outside, but no snow yet. Feels in-between seasons somehow. Not fall, but not winter. Just cold and still...

Charles Ghigna said...

Thanks, Laura.
I always enjoy reading you.
Even your posts read like a poem!

annieschnitz said...

My 4/5 class really liked your poem. It was original, a student could read your work all day, it touched a heart, it's really good, a student wants to be there because it's calm, and it is an inspiration for all of us. Thanks for writing it!
Mrs. Harper & her class

Charles Ghigna said...

Dear Mrs. Harper,

Thank you so much for dropping in!
I'm delighted to hear that your students
enjoyed the November poem.
Please pass along a hearty hello to them from me.
I look forward to the possibility of visiting your school and presenting an assembly program ...and/or doing a Skype visit to your classroom.

Again, thanks for your sharing your kind comments.

Amy L V said...

"November from my windowsill..." Ah, "whippoorwill" and "windowsill" have been added to my list of favorite rhymes. Thank you, Charles, for another lovely moment. My windowsill holds a view of raindripping trees and cuddling cats on the front porch.

Charles Ghigna said...

Thanks, Amy.
Great view from the porch!
I can almost see your "raindripping trees"
and "cuddling cats."

Toby Speed said...

I love this potpourri of November impressions - sights, sounds, the smell of snow - all so brief, a little bit mysterious, and fun to read several times in a row and savor. I particularly like the whispered sigh in there, and the last line, which anchors the whole poem. Thank you, Charles.

Charles Ghigna said...

Thanks, Toby.
I'm humbled by your insightful readings of my poems. YOU are a Poetpourri! ;-)

Charles Ghigna said...

Amy, thanks for liking my "whippoorwill/windowsill."

Here's another little quiet poem I recently wrote using those two rhymes:


I heard a distant whippoorwill
Whose song came to my windowsill.

I whistled back to say hello,
But all I heard was whispered snow.

Unknown said...

Wow… This is a really nice poem.
Anyways thanks for commenting on our Blog (5E Mothership) for the 'IF' Poems!

Class 5E of Canadian International School of Hong Kong

Amy L V said...

Oh....I just heard this whispered snow. I have a feeling we will be living with it for a long time 'round these parts. Thank you for sharing another poem with that same glorious rhyme! Happy Thanksgiving, Charles. I am so glad that I found this poem this evening! A.