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Cozy Morning Cats

Cozy Morning Cats

Daddy Cat sits in the windowsill
Watching the sun rise over the hill.

Momma Cat sits on the window box
Cleaning her furry snow white socks.

Kitty Cat sits on the braided rug
Watching a baby ladybug.

Granny Cat sits in the rocking chair
Watching them all in the golden air.

Then who’s this pitter-patting down the hall
Chasing his tail and having a ball,

Tripping on himself and slipping on the rug,
Jumping in my lap for a morning hug!

Purring like he’s already been here before—
Another little kitty slipped in the door!

©Charles Ghigna


GatheringBooks said...

what a beautiful picture! and lovely poem to go with it. =)

Amy L V said...

Oh, we had a big kitty cat week too. This family photo and sweet rhyme sounds like a board book! More! More!

Mary Lee said...

My big kitty boy loves the windowsill, too!