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What I Learn from Picture Books

What I learn from picture books

Is always lots of fun,

My numbers and the alphabet,

The planets and the sun.

I learn about the Wild Things

Beneath a Goodnight Moon

And what to see on Mulberry Street

Where silly things can bloom.

I learn about Curious George

Who rides a bike like me

And Corduroy who roams around

To see what he can see.

I learn about a Bunny

Who likes to runaway,

But just like me he soon decides

He’d much prefer to stay.

I learn about the land and sea

And where the rivers lead,

But most of all I like to learn

What fun it is to read.

©Charles Ghigna


Amy L V said...

Ooh, I like taking this walk through some old classic favorites and realizing at the end, once more, what a gift it is to read. Smiling over here! ('Wanting that young person from a couple of posts ago to walk away from the glow and read your words here!) A.

Mary Lee said...