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Welcome home sweet Charlotte Rose - born 9/1/10

Who's that singing in my dreams
each night among the soft moonbeams
only she knows-- sweet Charlotte Rose

who’s that beating on my heart
a new world that’s about to start
only she knows-- sweet Charlotte Rose

who’s that holding us so tight
every morning every night
only she knows-- sweet Charlotte Rose

who’s that riding wings of love
like a new born baby dove
only she knows-- sweet Charlotte Rose

* * *

Sweet lullabies
from heaven’s skies
could not cast
a stronger spell

serenade us
with your magic
from some sea
where angels tell

tender secrets
in a whisper
asking God
Who goes there?

Who makes us lighter?
Hearts shine brighter?
Who makes us all
walk on air?

His answer here
before us grows
His sweet song--
Charlotte Rose

* * *

Creamy dreamy in your crib
“Daddy Loves Me” on your bib

Cozy dozy in your bed
Angel dust around your head

Welcome home sweet Charlotte Rose
In your garden our love grows

* * *


my new
for love

* * *

Charlotte Rose
Sweet Charlotte Rose
I love you
from your head to toes

your big brown eyes
your turned up nose
I love you my
Sweet Charlotte Rose

I love you now
and heaven knows
I will forever
Charlotte Rose

© Charles Ghigna


Amy L V said...

Oh, that lucky lucky little girl! She is beautiful, she has an enchanting name, and her grandpa writes her love poems. Welcome, Charlotte Rose! Life is good indeed. A.

Liliana S. said...

Charles, what beautiful poems!!! That little girl doesn't know how special and lucky she is! She's only a couple days old and already has this beautiful poems written for her. And with a lot more to come, I'm sure! You're the best grandpa!

Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Gorgeous baby. Incredible love poem. Lucky family.

jama said...

Congratulations to everyone and welcome to the world, Charlotte Rose! What a little beauty :).

Toby Speed said...

Congratulations, Charles, and thanks for sharing the love with us. And welcome, Charlotte Rose.

Mary Lee said...

The love in your poems brings tears to my eyes! Lucky, lucky baby girl!

Charles Ghigna said...

Thank you Amy, Liliana, Joyce, Jama, Toby and Mary Lee. I love hearing you say that our sweet Charlotte Rose Ghigna is a "lucky little girl"...but the truth is, we are the ones who are blessed, we are the ones who are "lucky" to have her! :)