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Acrylic painting by Chip Ghigna

Drum Beats

A blur of hands,

a shock of hair,

a smile flashes

through the air,

time stands still

like a hum

in the heartbeat

of his drum.

* * *

Thunder rolls

in his hands,

lightning dances

in his eyes,

his drum beats

away the night,

leading us

to bluer skies.

©Charles Ghigna


laurasalas said...

Love that blur and shock! Gorgeous.

Charles Ghigna said...

Thanks, Laura!

Mike Artell's blog said...

Wow! What a team you and Chip make!

GatheringBooks said...

Now I have another favorite from you, I loved the "blur of hands" and "shock of hair" bit as well. Enjoy visiting your posts every Friday. :)

Sara said...

Welcome, Father Goose! I've always wished I knew how to drum---and now I have another reason: to "beat away the night." Lovely.

Mary Lee said...

Love the poem/art combo. His painting matches your blog background!

Anonymous said...